The third symposium of the AHRC Metamodernism Research Network will be held at the University of Oslo (Science Park) on Friday 21st September. The speakers and the titles of their papers can be found below.

Alison Gibbons, Robin van den Akker and Tim Vermeulen: Reality Beckons: Metamodernism and the Crendenda of Depthiness.

Katherine Burn: On the Banality of Shame: Between Heideggerian shame and shamelessness in Tom McCarthy’s Remainder and Eley Williams’ Attrib.

Usha Wilbers¬†and Dennis Kersten: ‘A Tale of Two Labels: The Use of ‘Modernism and ‘Avantgarde’ in the Reception of Tom McCarthy’s C‘.

Anselm Wagner: Some Notes on Metamodern Architecture.

Kai Hanno Schwind: The joke that wasn’t funny anymore – towards a metamodern sense of humour?

Sarah¬†Maclachlan: Temporality and ‘the Lifeness of Life’ in Miranda July’s The Future.