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Call for Proposals

The deadline for proposals is 21st March 2023

Linda Ceriello has been in contact with an editor at Lexington Books, an academic press based in Maryland, USA, about the possibility of a metamodernism book series. The series would support publication of monographs and edited volumes of essays. If the possibility of publishing your academic work as part of such a series interests you, please send the information below to Linda at your earliest convenience or by 21st March.

    • Type of project (i.e. monograph, edited volume on a certain theme, single article/essay)
    • Projected Title
    • Estimated month and year you imagine it ready for submission
    • If a full-length text:
    • If possible, an abstract of 200 words or less
    • A couple of university courses in which this text could be used


    • Indicate if you have interest in sitting on an advisory board for this series
    • Indicate if you have interest in playing an editorial role in this series

    You are welcome but not required to add more information, gathering of this preliminary information is purely to demonstrate the range of interests and speak to potential audiences.

    Please email Linda at