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Melbourne Papers

Audio Recordings of the Papers

Below are the audio recordings of papers given at the Melbourne Metamodernism Conference.

Thursday 2nd February

Panel 1: Poetics, Oscillation, and Epistemology

Prof. Tom Clark – “Teaching Poetry and the Poetics of Learning: Delimiting the Experiences of Study and Meaning

Dr Michael Meany – “Metamodernism: Oscillations, Energy and Entropy

Dr Shaun Wilson – “The Complexities of Epistemology Beyond Metamodernism in a Structure of Reason

Panel 2: Film and Advertising

Dr Sara James – Her: Metamodern Romance for an Era of Uncertainty

Graham Young – “The Third Wave: Metamodernism and Environmental Advertising”

Sue Beyer “Xanadu: A Place Where Nobody Dared to Go”

Panel 3: Art and Trophies

Kim Percy – “Entwined Threads. Metamodernism through the Lines of Visual Art

Claire Kearns – “Metamodernism and War Trophies

Friday 3rd February

Panel 1: Mysticism and Emotions

Asst. Prof. Linda Ceriello – “A Bodhisattva Move: Popular Mysticism’s Influence on the Metamodern Turn

Dr Pansy Duncan – “Glossophilia: Postmodern Emotion from ‘Fascination’ to ‘Knowingness’

Panel 2: Theory, Film, and Video Games

Greg Dember – “Metamodern Oscillation Revisited

Zebadiah Kraft – “Felt Experience and Destructive Potential: The Zombie Post-Apocalypse

Angshuman Dutta – “Marking the Oscillation: Disco Elysium as a Metamodern Work

Panel 3: Architecture and Television

Assoc. Prof. James Brown – “There is No Such Thing as Metamodern Architecture

Paula Romero Polo – “Fleabag and the Challenges of Postmodernity