Below are the audio recordings of the AHRC Metamodernism Network Conference held at the Radboud University, Nijmegen, in July 2019.

Plenary Speaker

Will Self – Reading

Keynote Lecture

Robin van den Akker – “Forget Metamodernism”

Panel – The Metamodernist Novel (I)

Katherine Burn – “Dwelling in Shame: A Heideggerian conceptualisation of place in Fiona Mozley’s Elmet


Kasimir Sandbacka –“Metamodern utopianism in Emma Puikkonen’s Eurooppalaiset unet

Panel – Global Ethics

Alison Gibbons – “Metamodernist Futures or “a future that had never arrived”: Climate Change and Temporality in 10:04


Andrew Corsa – “Grand Narratives, Metamodernism, and Global Ethics”

Panel – Metamodernist Poetry

Janien Linde – “Relational performatism as metamodern practice: a case study of the poetry of Marlene van Niekerk”

Panel – Metamodernist Music

Niels van Poecke – “Pure Taste in Popular Music: On Poly-Purism as Metamodern Consumption”


Greg Dember – “‘Punk Rock  for Sissies’ – The Return of Affect in Early 21st Century American Indie Rock”

Keynote Lecture

David James – “Uplift: Contemporary Sentimentalism and the Literature of Amelioration”

Panel – The Metamodernist Novel (II)

Liam Harrison – “Make it Late: Metamodernism After Samuel Beckett”


Mika Hallila – “The Ethics and Poetics of Oscillation in Asko Sahlberg’s The Brothers


Michaela Beck – “The ‘New Sincere’ Master of the ‘Great Art of Telling the Truth’: Tracing Authorship from Wallace to Emerson in Ed Park’s Personal Days

Panel – Metamodernist Visual Culture

Tom Drayton – “Hope/Less: The Politics of Metamodern Theatre”


Jeroen Boom – “Mapping the Metamodern City: Urban Representations in Indie Cinema”


Chantal Hassard – “Performative Painting in Metamodernity”