audio papers

Seattle Recordings

Audio recordings of the papers given in Seattle, September 2022.

Below are the papers given at the Seattle event in September 2022.


Panel 1: Metamodernism and Liminality

Jake Pruett “Agency and Ecology in Tom McCarthy’s C”

Zebadiah Kraft “Monsters, Trauma, and the Metamodern: Explorations of the Zombie as the Shambling Image of the Precariat”

Rene Marzuk “Darkness Revisited: The Magic of Liminal Spaces in Mohsin Hamid’s Exit West and Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness”

Monika Kaup “Neuromodernism in Richard Powers’ The Echo Maker”

Keynote Roundtable

Linda C. Ceriello with Tim Vermeulen, Robin van den Akker.

Panel 2: Place and Transformation in Metamodernism

Mika Hallila “Towards Meaning: Metamodernism and Totality”

Dan Dubowitz and Antony Rowland “Urban Opera: Investigating Metamodernism Through Architectural Practice”

Kasimir Sandbacka “Redreaming Europe: Intersubjective Dreaming as Metamodern In-betweenness in Jani Saxell’s Europe Series”

Panel 3: Metamodernism in Popular Culture

Simon Radchenko “More than a story: Metamodern strategies in the plot and gameplay of Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding” (video game)

Graham Young “Through the Looking Glass: An Examination of Modern, Postmodern, and Metamodern Advertising from The Commonwealth Bank of Australia.”

Gia Milinovich “Identifying Metamodern Alienation in Apple TV+’s Severance”

Daniel Vogel “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: The ‘Meta’ in Metamodernism”


Panel 1: Meta Issues in Metamodern Fiction, Art and Architecture

Sara Upstone “Metamodern Spaces in Contemporary Fiction”

Paula Romero Polo “Spanish Metamodern Fiction: Cristina Morales’ Easy Reading as a Case Study”

Cesar Cornejo “Puno MoCA and the Question of Metamodernism in Latin America”

Panel 2: Metamodern Visual Art and Architecture

Rositsa Bratkova “Metamodernist Features in the Architecture of Sir David Chipperfield”

James Benedict Brown “Hedonistic sustainability and the Timber Tower”

Jenny Eden “Metamodernism, Psychoanalysis and Contemporary Painting”

Panel 3: Applied and Performed Metamodernisms

Benjamin Broadribb “The ‘New Depthiness’ of Hamlet(s) in Lockdown”

Katie Elson Anderson “Metamodern ‘Jawn'”

Jason Josephson Storm “The Advancement of Metamodern Knowledge”