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University of Jyväskylä Recordings

Recordings of some of the papers given at the Glocal Metamodernisms conference.

Below are the recordings of some of the conferences papers given at the Seminaarinmäki Campus of the University of Jyväskylä on the 27th and 28th April 2023.

27th April 2023

Session 1: Digital Spaces and Technologies

Markus Laukkanen (Tampere University): “Metamodernism: The Cultural Logic of the Age of the Internet.”

Gia Milinovich (Central Saint Martins): “Metamodern Space.”

Keynote II

Kristina Malmio (University of Helsinki): “After, Meta, or Planetary? Multistrand Narration in Finland-Swedish Contemporary Novels and the Competing Frames of Interpretation”.

Poetics of the Metamodern Novel

Samuli Björninen (Tampere University): “Postmodernism after Postmodernism or Metamodernism without Postmodernism: Katja Raunio’s Sinun päiväs koittaa (2020) and the Challenge of Periodizing the Contemporary Finnish Novel”

Simon Radchenko (University of Turin): “The Rebellion of Things in the Metamodern Writing of Vladimir Sorokin”

Literary Genres and Metamodernism

Paula Romero Polo (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid): “Autofiction as a (Glocal) Metamodern Genre: Sabina Urraca’s Las niñas prodigio and the Use of Digital epitexts”

Elise Kraatila (Tampere University): “Metamodernist Ethos in 21st-century Speculative Fiction”

Riikka Pirinen (Tampere University): “Echoes of Modernism: Literary Epiphany and Metamodernism in Contemporary Short Story”

Friday 28 April 2023

Keynote III

Antony Rowland (Manchester Metropolitan University): “Clowning Poetics”

Expressions of Metamodernism in Finnish Poetry

Anna Helle (University of Turku): “Environmental Emotions and Metamodernism in Contemporary Finnish Poetry”

Liisa Savolainen (University of Jyväskylä): “The Human Paradox in the Anthropocene: Reimagining the Metamodern Human and Non-human in Pauliina Haasjoki’s Anthologies Promessa and Nausikaa”

Miikka Laihinen (University of Turku) “’On this languedge’ – a Balancing Act of Expression, or, a Sensibility to Threat?”

Metamodern Theory and Methodologies

Kasimir Sandbacka (University of Oulu): From Performatism to Zeteticism – the Theoretical Context of Metamodernism

Brent Cooper (independent researcher): “Operationalizing Metamodernism: A Generative Model”

Usha Wilbers and Dennis Kersten (Radboud University): “Glocal Metamodernisms: A Case for Reception Studies”

Metamodern Pop Culture

Greg Dember (independent researcher): “’What is Wrong with Everybody?’ — The Alienated Creative Hero in Metamodern Intersectional Television”

Salli Anttonen (University of Eastern Finland): “Authenticity, Retro and Metamodernism: Qualitative Case Study of Finnish Indie Pop Duo Maustetytöt”

Graham Young (La Trobe University): “The Failure of Third Way Politics: Metamodernism and Political Advertising”